About Ken Grey

Ken Grey is in politics because he knows the challenges that Regina families face on a daily basis. He has four adult children and four grandchildren with a fifth on the way. Ken and his wife Jodi have also chosen to provide a loving and supportive home for three amazing children with special needs. Everyone faces challenges, but when taxes were increased for children’s clothing Ken felt he needed to stand up for Regina’s families.

Ken worked as a certified health care provider for 16 years and served as the President & Vice President of the SEIU Local 333.  He has always had a strong desire to help people, and health care seemed a natural fit. Ken also spent several years as an insurance advisor, until 2014 when he became a Paratransit bus operator. Ken sees himself as an average blue-collar guy who wants to stand up for the things that really matter to his family and community – especially since the current government isn’t.

Ken has extensive experience in community associations and the labour movement, and he understands the importance of agriculture to the Saskatchewan economy.  Growing up on the family farm near Colonsay, Ken was raised to work hard, take care of his family, and work together with his community for the common good. That philosophy, that many of us share, transcends party politics.

Why is Ken running for MLA?

Ken is not new to politics – he was involved with the NDP for many years, back when they still championed the working person’s rights and worked to reduce the growing costs of raising a family. In recent years, the NDP has done nothing to stop the corruption and abuse of tax dollars that has plagued the Saskatchewan Party.  Instead they have proposed expensive spending initiatives on top of their consumption tax on carbon-based fuels. This would have a major impact on families.

Ken believes the constituents of Regina Northeast need an MLA who has experienced the struggles of raising a family on an average income. The other parties have lost that connection to the working person. We see higher consumption taxes being brought in by the Saskatchewan Party and a broad consumption tax on carbon being proposed by the NDP. These taxes do not reduce carbon emissions, but they do hurt families.

What Ken Stands For

Saskatchewan needs a fiscally conservative alternative in the legislature. The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP are both parties that spend big and pass the bill onto working families through higher taxes.

The new Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan speaks for the average taxpayer and has done an excellent job pointing out the corruption and abuse of tax dollars by the current government. It was the PC Party that broke the Regina Bypass and Global Transportation Hub scandals. The NDP either ignored these scandals or worse – were entirely oblivious.

If elected, Ken will work to...


Provide a fiscally conservative alternative voice in the legislature focused on stopping the accumulation of debt.

Saskatchewan’s biggest challenge moving forward will be addressing the systemic deficit created over the last decade by the Saskatchewan Party. We should be able to govern Saskatchewan within a 14-billion-dollar budget, but the Saskatchewan Party has been unable to do that. The NDP suggests adding to the debt that the Sask Party has accumulated and letting the next generation pay it off instead of fixing the problem. Both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP want to institute consumption taxes such as an expanded PST or a carbon tax in order to pass the cost of their budget mismanagement directly to families.

The Saskatchewan Party has failed to manage the budget and we need to fix the problem. The Progressive Conservative Party broke the Bypass and Global Transportation Hub scandals and we will continue to hold the government accountable to how they are spending your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. You need that strong voice in the legislature.


Restore funding to key core services and reduce spending on future expensive mega projects like the Regina Bypass and the Global Transportation hub

Education and Health funding have faced cuts in recent budgets because they are not a priority for the Saskatchewan Party. Instead, they have chosen to wildly mismanage spending on both the GTH and the Regina Bypass. We must never balance the budget on the backs of our kids and the sick. I was never opposed to building a bypass around Regina. I am opposed to using the public treasury as a slush fund to enable land flipping. I’m opposed to families being forced to pay for the carbon capture project through their utility bill, something that only benefits the oil industry.

These projects are now in place. The only thing we can do at this point is to hold those that mismanaged your tax dollars accountable and prevent them from doing it again. Moving forward, we have to carefully evaluate whether selling the GTH would be better for the taxpayers or if there is an alternative.


Stand up for the rights and needs of Regina's families

Regina’s families deserve better! We have seniors living in hospitals for months waiting for a care bed in a long term care facility. Regina’s foster care families need better support and resources, including funds to cover a respite worker so that they can take much needed and well-deserved breaks. These are only a few of the many areas we can work together to improve in our city.

Regina’s landfill is being used by neighbouring towns and cities whose landfills do not meet the new provincial codes. This is putting added pressure on our landfill and creating a bigger mountain of garbage in our community. This has also resulted in added truck traffic on the highway and road system near the landfill. We need to start working with other communities, as well as the provincial government, to bring their own landfills up to provincial code.

Recently the Saskatchewan Party has increased consumption taxes which has a significant effect on the life for families across Saskatchewan. It is now more expensive than ever to buy or insure the vehicle that you use to get to work every day; to keep the house you own; to buy clothing for our children; and even to purchase some medical equipment. We must repeal some of these taxes that put additional strain on Saskatchewan’s families. This government has increased the costs to living in this province with little care to the people it impacts. We need smart and reasonable expenditures while allowing taxpayers to keep more of their pay cheque.


On the issue of Carbon Tax

Don't let the Government lead you to believe the carbon tax is a key issue in this campaign. This is a shell game tactic to take attention away from the true issues. The government has taken away any power we had to negotiate any solution to whether or not Saskatchewan will have a carbon tax. The court process will likely take so long that there will be another election and the carbon tax may no longer even be an issue. Debating whether or not we should have a carbon tax in Saskatchewan is useless because it is no longer something that we have control over.

With aging hospitals, hospital equipment, highways, and municipal revenue sharing, we have very large infrastructure needs – these are the key issues that we need to focus on.


The legislature needs a voice of fiscal fairness and responsibility.
Make Ken Grey that voice.